Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Microdeal Stereo Sampler

I bought this Microdeal Stereo Sampler for my Amiga of ebay and it arrived today so I felt that i had to try it out. Unfortunately the software that came with it wouldnt start properly. The following text appeared when I started it: "STEREO MASTER REQUIRES SMFONT.FONT TO OPERATE" and after that the program shuts down. Very annoying! Im guessing that the floppy might be damaged :( I started a thread about it on Safir the swedish amiga message board and a guy replied that he had the same floppy disc for the sampler at home and that he would check if i still worked and if it did he would make a copy of it for me. I briefly tested the sampler with Protracker 2.3B and it seemed to work OK I guess. So its to be continued.....

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khe killah said...

I got the same problem... Did you find a solution?? Please let me know @

Regards, hailon