Sunday, October 12, 2008

Atari STfm sound output

Unlike the Atari STe the STfm doesnt have a sound output so you either need to make one yourself, buy a monitor cable with outputs for the sound or use the sound from the TV. I didnt have the time or the money for the monitor cable and using the Tvs output was no good since the RF cable you use to connect it to the TV picks up alot of noise. So I did the first or to be correct my friend Salkin did it for me :). He added a 1/4 inch jack mono jack to the left side of the case and connected to wires to the monitor output pins inside the atari. One wire to pin 1 which is for the audio and one wire to pin 13 which is for the ground. So now I can hook it up to my mixer and enjoy some great Atari trackers such as Musicmon 2.5 and maxYMizer.

Thanks Salkin!

The 13 pin DIN female at the computer.

1AOAudio Out
2CVIDEOComposite Video
3GPOGeneral Purpose Output - linked to Port A bit 6 of the sound chip, user programmable
4M detectif line is low, ST enters high res monochrome mode (no other use) linked to pin 17 of MFP68901 chip
5AIAudio In
8+12V+12 VDC (520ST has GND)
9HSYNCHorizontal Sync
11MVIDEOMonochrome Video
12VSYNCVertical Sync

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