Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sweet old Amiga 2000

There were a thread on the chiptune forum 8bitcollective about someone considering buying an Amiga 2000 and wanted some opinions about it so I started to think about my old Amiga.

Oh the memories, the Amiga 2000 was my first computer which I got when I was around 10 year old if I remember right so it was probably sometime around 1996 or so. My older brother who were really into amigas at the time showed me this so called "music program" which was called a tracker. It had some damn irritating scrolling numbers and I thought am I supposed to make music with this!? It was Protracker and after that point i never liked trackers until I learned how do use LSDJ properly.(Tested it on an emulator in 2001/2002 I think and I reacted the same was as with Protracker) LSDJ is a tracker for the Nintendo Game boy. Even though I used some other trackers on and off during the years I never really liked the tracker interface until i got my hands on LSDJ for the second time which was some time around the fall of 2006.

My Amiga 2000 didn't have any hard drive so it was purely a game station for me until I broke the keyboard playing Ski or Die. It was unfortunately beyond fixable. My brother tried finding me a replacement one but didn't succeed (remember this was ages before ebay) so it got placed on a shelf in my fathers garage until last year when my parents drop of all my old junk at my apartment. I had to much junk at that time and didn't have the time and effort to get it to work after all those cold winters in the garage so I put up an add on Safir which is a swedish amiga message board that whoever comes and get it will get it for free. Some guy were interested and basically traveled across half of Sweden and picked it up. So it got to a nice good home.

I bought an Amiga 500+ some weeks ago for giving Protracker a second chance now that I like trackers alot more but more about my 500+ later.

Unfortunately i had no picture of my Amiga 2000 so the picture above is the one from Wikipedia.

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